It is often said to lawyer while they are in law school that if they represent themselves in court, then “they have a fool for a client!”   The same concept can apply to one who considers representing themselves for an IRS or State tax Audit. 

It can be important to have  proper and qualified help for an audit examination.  While it is difficult to predict the outcome of a tax examination, there may be a benefit to having a qualified person such as a Certified Public Accountant represent you on your behalf – whether it is a business or individual – or both.  Aside from any inherent advantage the education, background, knowledge of the tax laws, and experience of the representative might bring to the table – there can also be a benefit to having that individual act as a “buffer” between you and the examiner.  

So, carefully consider the options when you receive the notice of audit.  As they used to say on TV when most of us were younger: “Kids, don’t try this yourself at home…you may get hurt!”

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