Miami Beach Accountant David Wrubel CPA and his wife Yuly Profiled in the Miami Herald Money Section -Sunday November 15, 2009

As published in the Miami Herald Money Section -Sunday November 15, 2009:

Checkmates: Couples share money strategies

Three South Florida couples share their strategies for balancing finance and romance


SHARED ACCOUNTS THE COUPLE: David Wrubel 39, CPA, and Yuladys Wrubel, 33 accountants, Miami Beach

 STRATEGY: This savvy pair of accountants is accustomed to itemizing dollar amounts. But when it comes to money in their marriage, they comingle every penny. Since tying the knot in 2003, the two have had both joint checking and savings accounts — and even share the real estate David owned before they met.

Sure, David earns more money heading up the accounting firm that also employs his wife. But Yulaeys takes on more of the child care responsibilities for their two young daughters. What’s more, she does most of the household bill-paying.

“We coordinate on an on-going basis about our finances,” David says. “We plan for the future together. So there are fewer surprises.”

While each has equal authority over their incomes, Yuladys admits to spending more liberally than David.

Even with the occasional splurge, the couple remains debt-free and Yuladys says she wouldn’t dream of banking without her husband.

WHY IT WORKS: A centralized system makes it easy to track spending and saving, Sherman says.

DOWNSIDE: Spending habits change over time, he says, and hopefully they’ll grow together.

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